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Am 15. April wurde die Gemeinschaftsausstellung in Italien / Undine eröffnet!

Die Bilder "Vier Elemente" hängen vom 15.-27. April 2017 in der ARTtime Galerie in Italien. 


Die Kunstkritik ist auf der Internetseite der Galerie Arttime zu lesen

Hier die englische Fassung der Kunstkritik:


Silja Frank was born in Germany in 1968 as a German and Finnish citizen. Since childhood, art and painting have occupied a large space. In an art study of painting she learns the craft of realistic painting. Artistic themes are mainly nature. She presents her pictures at home and abroad with the quote
"Art is an ongoing journey to ourself". Silja Frank
 After completing her studies, she interested in 
"Postmodern art". She is interested in the lyrical abstraction,too, whose tendencies flowed into her art.Today's works of art can be classified in the form of“ Art Informel". Instead of the constructive and geometrical elements of abstract painting, spontaneous improvisations and directly artistically transformed sensations are used.
The gesture and texturologies are important. The art direction could call as a modern abstract expressionism.
To the series "The Four Elements": Fire, earth, air and water are building blocks, without  a life on earth is not possible for us. The environment consists of building blocks, which we have to  respect and to save.
The current creative period is described by the artist with the following quotation from Paul Klee in 1920
"Art does not restore the visible but makes visible"

Aussichten 1 Mixedmedia auf Papier

Aussichten 2 Mixedmedia auf Papier

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