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me & the tree
me & the tree


Silja Frank


German and Finnish citizenship,I grew up in Germany, live in Germany.I processed in my paintings nordic impressions.


2006 Studies at the Institute IBKK for training in
Fine Arts and Art Therapie Bochum, Germany in the Department
of Paintings and Grafics

2007 Student at the landscape painter
Werner Neck/Bünde, Germany

2007 Member of " Verband Freier deutscher Künstler e.V. VFDK "

2008 Joint exhibition“ Realistic Paintings“ in the
Art and Gallery Bochum, Germany

2008 Joint exhibition „From Path“ in the gallery of the
ST.Paul‘s church/Bünde, Germany


2008  specialist training in life drawing

professor Piotr Sonnewend


2009 Masterclass Professor phil Qi Yang, IBKK Bochum

2009 Joint exhibition „Realistic Paintings“ in the Art
Gallery Bochum, Germany

2009 Solo exhibition “The horse at the bridle, the man at
the word „ in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

2010 Masterclass > Professor Piotr Sonnewendt

2010 September solo exhibition „Prisoner“ Zweischlingen Bielefeld, Germany

2010 Solo exhibition "Nature" Bünde, Germany

2010 September joint exhibition „Female Energie Artists“ Gallery Hagström
Stockholm, Sweden



2010 Oct-Dec Charity Auction at The Brigham Galleries, USA


2010 Member of "Female Energie Artists": http://web.me.com/artist.carina.hoijer/Site_3/Female_Energy_Artists_.html


2011 Jan-February  Solo exhibition " Nature " Bünde, Germany


2011 May Publication in "International Lexikon of Artists" WWAB


2011 Sept-Oct Joint exhibition "100 Jahre Verein Düsseldorfer Künstlerinnen e.V."


2011 Nov-2012 Jan Solo Exhibition  Bielefeld/ Germany


2012 Jan-March Solo Exhibition "Pferdeland Westfalen" Bielefeld 


2012 14.April Joint exhibition " 100 Years Titanic " akw Bielefeld " Rette sich wer kann "


2013 "Offenes Atelier Alte Wassermühle Bielefeld Heepen"


2014 Solo Exhibition Bad Oeynhausen


2014 Further education by Bernard Lokai FABK Essen


2016 Offenes Atelier Bünde/ Germany


2017 Italien Undine Galerie Arttime


2018 Kunstverein Borgholzhausen Rathaus Borgholzhausen /Germany